Basic rules for a healthy cat

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Cat owners want their kitty to stay fit and happy for a long time. In order for a lively, healthy cat to live with you, there are a few basic rules to follow. Many diseases can be avoided in this way. With good preventive care and proper nutrition, the cat stays healthy for a long time - Shutterstock / Dean Drobot

A healthy cat is not a matter of course. Like humans, the fur noses have to follow a few basic rules in order to stay fit and happy for as long as possible. As your can opener, you can help the velvet paw.

Healthy food for a healthy cat

A healthy, balanced diet is important not only for people, but also for cats to prevent diseases caused by deficiency symptoms or being overweight. Unlike humans, however, the kitty is primarily a carnivore. She also eats greens like grass, but for her this is only an addition and cannot replace meat. The cat food should contain a lot of high quality protein and taurine. Cat grass or normal grass in the garden contains folic acid, which is also important for velvet paws. The stalks also help spit out hairballs. Especially for house tigers, it is advisable to always provide a bowl with fresh cat grass.

Also make sure that your fur nose drinks enough water. Place drinking bowls or cat fountains in several places in the apartment so that your kitty is encouraged to drink. Cats often don't like it when their water is right next to the food. If you have any doubts or uncertainties, ask your veterinarian for advice. Do not wait too long if your cat suddenly loses weight or does not like to eat and is additionally sickly. There could be an illness behind it. Moreover, velvet paws cannot create nutrient reserves like humans. Therefore, a regular supply of suitable food is essential for a healthy cat.

Wet food or dry food?

Opinions differ as to whether a healthy cat should eat wet food or dry food. On the one hand, it is said that dry food contains too many calories and favors overweight. On the other hand, it can help with dental care because the pieces are more difficult to chew and can therefore remove plaque. It is best to choose the golden mean and alternate wet and dry food.

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Don't forget good precaution

In addition to the right nutrition, thorough preventive care is also important so that your kitty stays healthy for a long time. Even kittens need vaccination protection against typical cat diseases such as cat cold or cat disease. Later, vaccination against rabies and leukosis are added, especially for those who are free. It also makes sense to go to the vet for a health check-up at least once a year. Precaution also includes regular worming. With pure indoor cats, a worming regimen is often sufficient.

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