EU pet ID for the dog must be on vacation

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Do you want to go on vacation with your dog? No problem, provided you have the EU pet passport with you. The dog, cat and ferret document serves as a passport. This cute dog needs an EU pet passport on vacation - Shutterstock / Sergey Novikov

The EU pet passport has been replacing the old passport (formerly rabies vaccination passport) for pets since it entered into force on December 29, 2014. The document issued by the veterinarian can refer not only to dogs but also to cats and ferrets and contains all the important information about the animal and its owner. Find out more below.

The EU pet passport contains this information

The EU pet passport provides information about your dog's identity as well as vaccinations and labels received. The veterinarian fills out relevant data in the travel document, such as name, type, breed, gender and appearance. In addition, the EU pet passport gives access to the dog's vaccination status and thus replaces the International Vaccination Certificate if all vaccinations have been entered. Traveling across the border is only possible if a veterinary note has been given that your dog has received a valid rabies vaccination. Keep in mind that the vaccination must be 30 days old and only one year - or three years depending on the vaccine. The ID card also contains the name and address of the owner and data on the identification of your mustache, including the tattoo or microchip number and the date of the implantation.

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Check your EU pet passport before you travel

Check your dog's EU pet passport before each trip. Are all dates still correct? Are the vaccinations still up to date? If the dates are no longer correct or the travel document is forgotten, you will most likely be prevented from entering the country. In the worst case, your dog will be quarantined, which is very expensive for you as the owner. Tip: Before you go on vacation with your dog, inquire about the entry requirements of the target country.

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