Danger in summer: prevent heat stroke in the dog

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A heat stroke in the dog can be fatal at worst! The summer heat is a pain for dogs because they hardly have sweat glands and cannot release excess heat as quickly as humans. Fortunately, heat stroke can be prevented with a little attention. A cool bath is really good for the dog in summer heat - Shutterstock / Vitaly Titov & Maria Sidelnikova

Dogs do not tolerate heat - especially not if they have a thick, long coat or are overweight. There is a risk of heat stroke because the dog cannot easily compensate for the excessive body temperature. If it is just a little too warm, dogs can cool down by panting. But if the heat is too long, too strong, the blood vessels dilate, the blood flows into the limbs and the heart does not get enough. There is a risk of balance disorders, nausea and cramps up to loss of consciousness and finally death.

Prevent heat stroke: cooling off for the dog

It is best to prevent heat stroke from the outset. Make sure that your dog always has enough fresh water to drink and can look for a shady spot or a cool place if necessary. A tub with cool water for bathing and resting is a real treat for heat-stricken dogs. You can also give your darling ice water in moderation. However, the ice-cold water should not be drunk too quickly at extremely high temperatures, otherwise the stomach may become bloated.

Furthermore, you can support your four-legged friend in grooming and brush them vigorously on a regular basis. Cooling also promise special collars and lying mats that are pleasantly cool due to water and moisture. Furthermore, it is advisable to take walks in the morning and evening hours when it is very hot during the day. If your dog is panting heavily or does not feel like going for a walk, do not force him to do so. Rather, cool it gently with the water hose to prevent the body from overheating.

Cooling down for dogs on hot days: tips

When the summer temperatures climb to the highest levels, our beloved four-legged friends are happy ...

Do not leave your dog in the car in summer!

It cannot be emphasized enough: Even in the shade and with the windows and sunroofs open, the car can reach temperatures of over 50 degrees Celsius within a few minutes when the sun is shining on it. Even if the car was initially in the shade, the sun continues to move and can heat up the car. The risk of heat stroke is never greater than if dogs have to wait in the car. Take your dog with you on errands or leave it at home with sufficient water and access to cool rooms - this is the safest way to prevent heat stroke.

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