Baby sea lion befriends people

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The little baby sea lion in the video is a little tired from swimming, but luckily a boat with friendly people is coming by. Sweet Fratz doesn't hesitate long and climbs onto the boat to rest a little. And if it's already there, it can snuggle up for a while, the little animal seems to think.

At the beginning, the little sea lion climbs onto the bench from the boat for his breather. But then he realizes that the man sitting and filming next to him seems to be very nice and does nothing to him. So the cuddly guy crawls closer and starts pushing his pout on the man's leg. After an hour the sniff has recovered and is on its way again. And people are happy that they have made a new friend.

Sea lions cannot become diving

Diving sickness is a decompression sickness, which is caused by too rapid pressure relief ...

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