Penguin Lala lives in Japan and likes to go shopping

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The penguin in the video is called Lala and is not a normal penguin. He is a domestic penguin who lives with his loving Japanese family. Incredible: Lala even goes hiking regularly; for example, his tours take him to the city's fish market.

Lala lives in his own air-conditioned room. For his excursions, a backpack is strapped on and off he goes. The first stop is of course at the local fish market. There is a nice fish in the beak and one in the backpack from the nice owner. It continues well strengthened. Since the animal, which normally lives in the Antarctic, has problems with the heat, Lala picks up a few refreshing water jets from the neighboring garden hose on the way back. Once back at home, the purchases are taken out of your backpack and off you go to the cool home - where the air conditioning is of course thoroughly enjoyed.

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