Muahaha! Naughty bird laughs like cartoon villain

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Curtain up! Like in a comic film, the funny parrot in the video peeps carefully through the door, only to start a really nasty laugh shortly thereafter. "Harr-harr-harr! Gnihihi!", The bird does and sounds like a villain from a superhero story who tries to seize world domination.

Parrots are clever animals, but are they intelligent enough to conquer the universe? Maybe. This bird definitely looks very determined: "Muahahaha!" He laughs and strides majestically through the room. His master doesn't seem to take the megalomaniac ambitions of his feathered friend seriously. He can't hold back his own laugh behind the camera. Or is it part of the plot? Who knows ... Maybe the parrot does not want to achieve world domination, but exercises for a film role as a bastard. As talented as he seems, it is best to clear a place for the Oscar on the shelf.

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