Sporty, sporty: Ragdoll tomcat Timo as a workout professional

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The famous Ragdoll tomcat Timo likes it cozy. But the fluffy relaxation professional can do it differently, as he shows in this video. In a good mood, the pretty fur nose presents her workout tips for sporty cats. Very important: don't forget the reward!

First of all, the cuddly Ragdoll tomcat recommends his peers to motivate themselves and stay flexible. He stretches heartily and then starts his sports program. It is important to set a goal, but the workout should also be fun. As a goalkeeper, Timo is not doing very well, but he is an ace when it comes to casual cruising on the skateboard.

The cuddly fitness professional also advises to trick himself in order to exert himself more. To demonstrate this, he tries to catch a red ball on a cord that is clearly hanging too high. It then flies across the apartment chasing a yellow ball before the Ragdoll cat relaxes on the sofa and scratching post. Of course enough water and rewards should not be missing. This is how sport is fun!

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