Dog pushing food with nose

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Dog pushing food with nose... and you think you could have some?" "We're not the same, are we, Dad?" "No." "There's no need to make comparisons." "Well, you can't just live in the past." "Mum and I want you to have a great future." "I hope to make my career in the City." "I've got a few contacts with firms." "That's all I want to say." "You're a man now, son." "You can't live with your nose buried in the past." "That's what your mother and I want." "It's very clear." "The old ways." "It was all about the old ways then, wasn't it?" "Oh, aye." "I suppose it was." "You got your first proper wage last week." "I'll be needing a deposit soon." "We had a meeting about that." "We know you have the money to hand over." "Dad, it's not that." "We know it is." "You're not making us any more attractive than we already are." "That's what we're here to discuss." "And we've got a lot to offer." "If you're not interested, just say it." "I'm not saying anything." "You should listen to your son." 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"You came to see the kid, and the kid didn't show." "I haven't seen it, okay?" "I haven't seen it." "I know." "You have to see it, 'cause it's my responsibility." "No, no, I know." "I know." "I'm going to see it." "I promise, okay?" "I'm going to see it." "Hey, look, I know what it's like to try and do something good, to really try and do

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