Do bernese mountain dogs bark a lot

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Do bernese mountain dogs bark a lot?

Yes, bernese mountain dogs bark a lot but it depends on the situation. They can be protective of their territory as well as playful. If they get to know you they are a very friendly breed. The size of their bark will depend on the breed.

What is the best toy for a bernese mountain dog? carries a great collection of toys designed just for dogs like Bernese Mountain Dogs.

What are the best toys for Bernese mountain dogs?

We can't say what is the best toy, however we do carry a variety of Bernese mountain dog toys so you can see for yourself what will suit your dog the best.

How much do bernese mountain dogs bark?

Some bernese mountain dogs can bark a lot. One thing that will help with this is to provide your dog with plenty of exercise. This will help to tone down the dogs bark. As long as your dog is healthy they shouldn't bark excessively.

How much do bernese mountain dogs chew?

Again, this is dependent on the dog. A small puppy may be prone to this and a larger Bernese Mountain dog may not be a big chewer. Your dog will need to be checked and looked after by their breeder to make sure that they aren't prone to this problem.

Will bernese mountain dogs get a cold?

You can usually expect your dog to get a cold if they have been exposed to a cold area. This is a natural reaction to the weather. The bernese mountain dog will also react this way if it's bitten by a cold. It may also affect your bernese mountain dog to a lesser extent if they have been vaccinated for Lyme disease. The vaccine has no effect on your bernese mountain dog's reaction to a cold.

Will bernese mountain dogs get fleas?

In general you don't have to worry about this. The only time you have to worry about fleas in the bernese mountain dog is if they have fleas on their coats and these are living and active. Your bernese mountain dog will not have fleas and if they do have them they will only live on the dog's coat for a short time.

Will bernese mountain dogs need to be wormed?

Not really. However, if you have just bought a dog that hasn't been wormed then your bernese mountain dog needs to be wormed. The bernese mountain dog has a natural resistance to worms and so this shouldn't be a problem.

Will bernese mountain dogs live a long life?

Generally yes. The average lifespan of a Bernese mountain dog is 14-16 years.

Can bernese mountain dogs eat anything?

Yes, they are happy eating almost anything.

Are bernese mountain dogs hypoallergenic?

Your bernese mountain dog is not hypoallergenic so it is not recommended that you give it to a person who is allergic to dogs. If the person is allergic to dogs they will not be able to keep your bernese mountain dog.

Do bernese mountain dogs shed hair?

Yes, they do a little bit of this. However, their shedding doesn't usually get up into their ears, the only hair that might come up into their ears is if they have recently been chewing on their coat.

Can bernese mountain dogs drink out of the tap?

Yes they can. The only time you shouldn't give them tap water is if the tap water is unsafe for them to drink.

Can bernese mountain dogs swim in the sea?

Yes. The only time you shouldn't give your bernese mountain dog in the sea is if you can't swim with them in the sea yourself.

Can bernese mountain dogs ride a bike?

Yes, your bernese mountain dog can definitely ride a bike.

What are some of the benefits of buying a bernese mountain dog?

One of the major benefits of owning a bernese mountain dog is that it is quite well known as being a very healthy breed of dog. This is due to their physical features, diet and general health.

Can bernese mountain dogs compete in dog shows?

Yes, they are definitely suitable to compete in dog shows.

Are bernese mountain dogs good with children?

Bernese mountain dogs are extremely great with children. They can go through the whole process of being around children and don't see them as children.

How do you care for a bernese mountain dog?

The healthiest diet for a Bernese mountain dog is a raw meat and/or raw bones diet. Make sure that your dog is getting the proper amount of protein and vitamins and minerals in his/her diet.

How often should a bernese mountain dog be bathed?

Bernese mountain dogs are not one of those breeds that have a lot of fur and therefore have no need to be bathed that often.

What should bernese mountain dogs have in their cages?

Bernese mountain dogs should have a cage or a kennel that has about a square yard of floor space. This area should have bedding, food, water and toys for the dog.

Can bernese mountain dogs get cancer?

As long as you and the breeder provide the best care and nutrition possible, then the Bernese mountain dog can get cancer.

Can bernese mountain dogs be trained as hunting dogs?

Of course, the breed is designed to be a hunting dog. These dogs can be trained to use their noses to track the game in

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