Feeding squirrels in winter: tips

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At the latest when there is frost on the ground, squirrels find it difficult to find enough food in winter. If you want to support the funny rodents with a little food to get you through the cold months, here are a few tips. Squirrel in winter: "But I didn't hide these nuts myself ..." - Image: Shutterstock / FomaA

In autumn, squirrels look ahead to collect a supply for the winter - at the latest if they can no longer get hold of it for various reasons, they can still use human support.

Feeding Squirrels: When Does It Make Sense?

Squirrels retire to their nest in winter to sleep most of the time. In between, they go for a short hunt for food and are dependent on the small strengthening that they quickly get to their food sources prepared in autumn. Extensive garden work or frost in the ground can be the reason why they no longer reach the carefully selected squirrel hiding places. In both cases, they can support the croissants a little with food.

Tips for feeding rodents

The best thing to do is to create small feeding places for the squirrels that are practically fillable and where they can eat comfortably and undisturbed. You can buy special feed dispensers and houses in pet stores, or build them yourself with a little skill. It is best to use special feed mixtures to fill the feeding station, which you can also get in the pet shop.

This is how you can help wild animals in winter

Brrr, soon it will be really cold outside, and while we are comfortable in the cozy living room ...

Squirrels also taste good with sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts or hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and raisins. If you want, you can also make provisions in autumn and collect acorns, beechnuts or chestnuts for the busy croissants while walking, which he can make available to you in winter. Pine, spruce and pine cones are also wonderful for placing them in a feeding station for squirrels and thus helping them over the winter.

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