Ataxia in cats: causes of the disease

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Ataxia in cats can have different causes and is manifested by abnormalities in the movement pattern of the animals. We would like to describe common triggers of damage to the central nervous system here. Ataxia in cats can be caused by illness or injury - Image: Shutterstock / Poprotskiy Alexey

Ataxia in cats is caused by damage to the central nervous system in the area of ​​the cat's spinal cord or brain. Various cat diseases, deficiency symptoms or injuries can lead to this and ensure that the movements of the cat deviate from the norm. With some velvet paws, the symptoms of the cat disease show up a few weeks after birth.

Ataxia in cats: possible causes in young animals

Damage to the central nervous system can occur in kittens before birth. The most common cause of this is that the cat mother is infected with FPV, the causative agent of the cat disease cat disease. Even if the cat mother has come into contact with toxic substances, this can lead to irreparable damage to the brain of the cat boy, which is manifested later, among other things, by mis-coordinated movements.

Inheritable metabolic diseases can also lead to ataxia in cats, even if this cause is rather rare. Severe deficiency symptoms or metabolic problems are also possible causes.

Development of ataxia in adult house tigers

Another sad cause of ataxia in cats can be serious injuries from accidents or mistreatment. Injuries to the head or spine, for example, can ensure that the cat will never move as it did before.

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Metabolic diseases can also cause permanent damage in adult cats. Nerve disorders or brain tumors are also possible causes of ataxia in cats.

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