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They taste good to us, but they are poisonous foods for dogs: Avocado, chocolate and Co. Do not feed your four-legged friend with such tasty treats. For some foods that are toxic to dogs, there is even an acute risk to life after consumption. Food that dogs should not eat is important - Image: Shutterstock / Eric Isselee

Do you want to spoil your dog or reward yourself for something? Then you'd better grab dog snacks or special dog biscuits. Even if we humans are happy about a piece of grape-nut chocolate or liqueur praline - they are taboo for dogs. Because things we like to snack on can be toxic foods for dogs.

Raw pork, onions and salt

Of course, your dog is also part of the family barbecue in summer! But be careful: if you eat too greasy or spicy food, your loyal companion will get diarrhea and other complaints. Dogs cannot tolerate most of the grill leftovers!

Onion essential oils contain sulfides. These substances destroy the dog's red blood cells and can cause anemia - this is life-threatening for your animal. The same applies to garlic. Salty foods are okay for healthy dogs from time to time - but only if they drink enough at the same time. If the dog still does not get well, go quickly to the vet.

Dogs with heart disease should never give too much salt to their diet. Generally, the dog's body has difficulty digesting spices. So do not feed your four-legged friend with inlaid grill steak - even if you want to make him happy.

Under no circumstances should you give dogs raw pork to eat; it can contain the Aujeszky virus. Although this is harmless to humans, it leads to inflammation of the brain and nerves in dogs and cats - with mostly fatal consequences.

Are nuts toxic to dogs?

As a rule, nuts are very healthy for humans because they are rich in healthy fats and protein ...

Avocado, grapes and nuts

Avocados also do not tolerate dogs because they contain persine. The poison can cause heart muscle damage in dogs and lead to death. Also be careful with grapes or raisins: they cause diarrhea and vomiting in the four-legged friends. Since they are toxic foods for your animal, kidney failure can even occur, so feed dogs with the fruits.

Nuts and chocolate are also taboo: nuts contain a lot of phosphorus - not exactly tolerable for dogs. Chocolate contains theobromine. It is very similar to caffeine and leads to vomiting, diarrhea and muscle tremors in dogs. The sweets so popular with us humans belongs to the "toxic food" category for the dog: in the worst case, chocolate causes seizures and can lead to death.

Milk, alcohol and caffeine

Dogs should generally only drink water. Alcohol and caffeine are absolutely toxic foods for the dog! Even a small amount of alcohol leads to vomiting, coordination problems, coma and sometimes death. Too much caffeine triggers restlessness, tremors, seizures and irregular heartbeat.

In addition to water, you can give your four-legged friend a little milk now and then - the proteins and vitamins it contains are also healthy for dogs. However, many dogs cannot tolerate the sugar in milk - in this case you can occasionally try it with lactose-free milk. In the guide "The 9 most dangerous foods for dogs" you will find an overview of the topic.

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  • person

    05-03-2017 14:03:40

    AmEisal: I read on a website for dogs that walnuts and Brazil nuts should be healthy because they are high in calories and high in fat. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to really understand which foods are healthy for the dog or not if you rely on internet research. It might be helpful if the providers of the dog sites agreed on what the dog should and shouldn't be given. It shouldn't be a criticism on my part, just a reference to any pages. Report abuse
  • person

    15-03-2016 12:03:48

    LauraWitte: To Susa Donn: Are you serious, you will finally be informed that grapes are TOXIC for your dog and then you write I only give him 5 grapes a day! People like you should take them away from the dogs because you harm your darling day after day and poison him. Even if you do not notice anything yet, such poisoning can only really become noticeable years later, but it is too late for your dog. Report abuse
  • person

    28-01-2016 02:01:19

    MariaStein: But people also have to be careful with food !! Protect yourself and your loved ones! Report abuse
  • person

    01-11-2015 14:11:23

    SerkanGms: susa donn! Grapes are absolutely poisonous for dogs and the symptoms of poisoning can also creep in over the years! So not just 5 grapes a day - but finger away! 5 pieces are already highly toxic! Report abuse
  • person

    19-09-2015 09:09:53

    SusaDonn: So my dog ‚Äč‚Äčloves grapes. I haven't noticed anything noticeable about him, neither diarrhea nor vomiting. But if I am aware that they are toxic, I will report a maximum of 5 pieces a day to abuse
  • person

    28-04-2014 13:04:59

    brigittearn: I knew various "foodstuffs" that were incompatible with dogs, such as onions and chocolate. What was new to me are walnuts. My Jack Russel terrier (almost 15 years old) always goes on a nut streak in autumn. find them, crack them and eat them too. I never found any intolerance. At home he also likes to get a walnut sometimes. Always without problems. Report abuse
  • 22-03-2014 11:03:55

    judithtubbesing: Good afternoon, do you have any evidence that Aujezsky is also found in fish. That would be new to me. Ask for any evidence or evidence to support this claim. Thank you for the rest, phophore is a vital nutrient, but in too large quantities it inhibits calcium absorption and that's the problem;) Report abuse

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