"Hello!" French bulldog in new home

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The little French Bulldog in this video is simply very dear: The cute puppy has recently moved into his new home and has to get used to the surroundings first. And how does the sweet guy do it best? Correct by exploring its habitat extensively and cuddling a lot with its owners.

"There is so much to discover here. I don't know what to do first," thinks the cute puppy, who has been named Lincoln, and keeps looking into the camera with his huge googly eyes as if he were somewhat unsettled. But the tiny dog ​​quickly loses his shyness and curiously explores his home. The tiny guy briskly gropes around in the bed of masters and mistresses, nibbles on the beard or shoe of his owner and confidently plays with his animal buddy Clark.

Of course Lincoln, like other dogs, tries to get the delicious food of his favorite person and sits innocently next to the bowl. But instead of treats, there are so many kisses and pats for the sweet newcomer. So cute, this family!

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