10 Dapper Pets Ready To Celebrate New Year

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Roll out the red carpet and pop open the good bubbly, because these dapper pooches are ready to ring in the New Year!

1. Hu-rrah!

Where’s all the bitches? We were promised sparkling water and bitches!

Photo credit: Mack And Spencer

2. Countdown Ready

Ready for my first kiss of 2017!

Photo credit: Javier Brosch/Bigstock

3. Pugalicious

Nothing says party-ready like a big hat and nude heels- you go, girl!

Photo credit: Instagram/TrotterPup

4. Confetti City

Yay! Confetti! Hats! Love!

Photo credit: Imgur

5. I’m Ready!

What? It’s 2017? I can’t hear you!

Photo credit: Flickr/PartyDog

6. Champagne Popper

Girl, 2017 is gonna be the best year of your life and I’m going to make sure you don’t remember the first 12 hours of It!

Photo credit: Pixabay

7. All The Shiny Stuff

What do you mean this isn’t glitter spaghetti?

Photo credit: Instagram/smetanka_ru

8. Yay 2017!

From top hat to tail, I am rockin’ this New Year’s gig!

Photo credit: Wollwerth Imagery/Bigstock

9. Hopeful

I hope 2017 is as awesome as today – there’s treats everywhere!

Photo credit: Instagram/RileyBeann

10. Champagne Ready

I got the tux, bubbly and the smile- now pucker up for that New Year’s kiss, baby!

Photo credit: Instagram/WallyTheWelshCorgi

Diana Faria

Diana Faria is a freelance writer who loves to write about all things dog- and bird-related. She’s been around pets all her life and her longest relationship was with a 17-year-old peach-faced lovebird named Panchoe. When she isn’t writing about the furry friends in our lives, she’s making her black-capped Caique, Max, Instagram famous. She’s also a pillow for Kika, her short-tempered yet cuddly Chihuahua/Dachshund.

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