What do kittens learn from their cat mother?

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It is advisable not to separate kittens from their cat mother until they are about twelve weeks old, since they can still learn a lot from them. The little kittens take a look at their mom and then imitate it. These little kittens still have a lot to learn from their mother - Shutterstock / avarand

Some cat behavior is innate, other things have to learn kittens from their cat mother and their environment. Later on, you can teach your cat something new and bring it up, but it will take much longer and requires patience and consistency.

Socialization of the kittens

The main learning phase of kittens is also called socialization and extends approximately from the fourth to the twelfth week of life. Then the kittens are independent enough to explore their surroundings and curiously observe everything that happens around them. The cat mother and siblings are her preferred "study objects" to learn to be a cat.

Hunting and hunting behavior is innate in kittens, but they learn the typical cat language when interacting with their peers. When playing and bellowing with their siblings, they practice using their hunting and hunting instinct.

If kittens are given too early: problems

At six weeks, kittens are still too young to be given away - but it always comes ...

Imitate cat mother and learn

Learn kittens by trying out and imitating their cat mother. While playing and romping is in their blood, so to speak, the mini-cats have to learn, for example, how to use the litter box, how the cat flap works and how best to climb. In addition, the cat mother brakes her kittens if they are too cocky and sets limits. This is important to prevent later behavior disorders.

In this learning phase, you can also support your young cats to get used to everyday noises such as traffic, household appliances and vacuum cleaners. Under supervision and well secured, you can let the kittens with their cat mother on the balcony or in the garden. If you let the kittens get to know different, friendly people and other animals such as dogs carefully during this phase, the fur noses will be less afraid of foreign bipeds and four-legged friends and will be more trusting.

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