Hoopers agility: fun and exercise for dog seniors

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Agility training is often too action-packed for dog seniors. In this case, hoopers agility is a great alternative, so that four-legged friends who can no longer jump so high or are otherwise handicapped can enjoy dog ​​sport. This dog obviously has fun at Hoopers-Agility - Shutterstock / Dennis W. Donohue

Hoopers agility is also about walking through a specific course and training dexterity, flexibility and speed. But the obstacles that would be difficult for dog seniors or dogs with a handicap to overcome are replaced by tires, gates, tunnels and footbridges.

The special thing for dog seniors at Hoopers-Agility

With hoopers agility, your dog does not have to jump, there are no hurdles, just obstacles that your woof can overcome on all four paws. This protects the joints, which are no longer as fit in old age as in young age. As a result, Hoopers-Agility is also suitable for large dog breeds and heavy dogs. If your dog is deaf, he can still easily participate in this sport because you can also communicate with him using body language.

You usually don't have to move a lot with hoopers agility because your dog should walk the course independently and pay attention to your commands. If you are not as good on foot yourself, this dog sport is also a great alternative.

How to employ a senior dog in an age-appropriate manner

Diverse employment is also very important for an old dog. Physical and mental ...

Where does Hoopers Agility come from?

Hoopers-Agility developed as a variant of agility training in the United States a few years ago. The rules have been laid down by the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC), so that hoopers agility is sometimes also referred to as NADAC agility. The agility variant for dog seniors is not yet so widespread in Germany, but gradually the joint-friendly dog ​​sport is also finding its way into this country.

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