Pets: PETA demands a pet protection law

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According to estimates, around 31 million pets live in Germany, although some animals such as fish in aquariums or terrarium residents are not counted. These animals are currently protected by the Animal Welfare Act, which, however, does not provide precise information on the requirements for keeping them. The animal protection organization PETA therefore calls for a separate pet protection law. Individual housing for rabbits in cages is according to PETA cruelty to animals - Shutterstuck / Iracha

PETA is primarily concerned with specific minimum requirements that are explicitly laid down for pets and their keeping and which are currently missing in the Animal Welfare Act. A pet protection law should refer to private keeping as well as breeding and trading.

According to PETA, why is a pet protection law needed?

Animal welfare is laid down in the Basic Law as a constitutional goal; this means that our animals should be legally protected from suffering, death and exploitation. However, since there are no precise requirements for keeping animals, countless animals live in inappropriate conditions. Often out of ignorance of the owner, since the legislator does not specify specific housing conditions for the individual pet species. For example, some pet owners are simply not aware that it is cruelty to animals to house a rabbit individually in a small cage.

Not only pets in private households, but also animals in pet stores or in breeding need better protection, according to PETA. But what exactly does the animal welfare organization demand when it proposes a pet protection law?

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A pet protection law should contain these points

First and foremost, PETA calls for a binding husbandry regulation for all pets. For example, social species such as birds or rabbits should only be kept in groups. Castration is also required for free-range walkers and strays. The keeping of wild animals in private households should be prohibited. PETA requires a dog driving license nationwide for dog owners.

PETA also calls for greater awareness of animal welfare with regard to breeding and trading. For example, a pet protection regulation should prohibit agony breeding and bird exchanges and exhibitions. Animals should also no longer be allowed to be sold in pet shops. Further points and the possibility to support PETA's concerns can be found on the PETA Germany homepage.

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