Sick dog: does an ultrasound scan help?

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If dogs appear unusually calm and withdrawn conspicuously, they may be sick. An ultrasound scan at the vet is one way to find out what your dog is missing. But what exactly can be examined with the method also called sonography? Ultrasound waves from sonography are completely harmless for dogs - Shutterstock / Ermolaev Alexander

During an ultrasound examination, your dog is examined using ultrasound waves, so to speak. The veterinarian then sees the organs and soft tissue inside your dog on a monitor. The different tissue density becomes visible. For example, changes in shape and size of organs and tissues and other special features can be diagnosed.

Examine organs using ultrasound

In most cases, an ultrasound examination is used to examine different soft parts. The veterinarian can use ultrasound waves to examine organs such as the liver, kidney or heart for possible damage or abnormal changes and to check the blood flow to the individual organs. If your four-legged friend has a tumor, the doctor can identify it with sonography.

When does the veterinarian have to X-ray the dog?

A veterinarian has to X-ray a dog, especially if a broken bone is suspected ...

Sonography in obstetrics

The veterinarian also uses the ultrasound to check whether your bitch is pregnant. Fetuses in the womb can also be examined, for example with regard to organs such as the heart or lungs. So you can see if the little puppies are doing well and if they are healthy. The veterinarian can also examine the uterus to determine whether there is inflammation.

Analyze functional processes using ultrasound film

With the ultrasound examination, your veterinarian can check whether the functions in the dog's body are normal. Video sequences are created from several ultrasound images one after the other, which help, for example, to show and analyze the heart valve functions as a film.

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