Dog trekking: long distances hiking with the dog

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As is well known, people and dogs have been walking side by side through forests, meadows and fields for centuries. Dogtrekking continues this tradition and is now an increasingly popular dog sport. The best way to enjoy nature is with the dog - Shutterstock / Barna Tanko

The term "dog trekking" means something like long-distance hiking and is derived from the English "dog" for dogs and "trekking" for long-distance hiking. Actually understood as a dog sport, walking with the dog can also be enjoyed as a purely leisure activity without sporting competition.

Dog trekking as a dog sport: together through nature

Dog trekking is particularly popular in the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Austria and Slovakia. Mountaineer Jaroslav Kvasnica and journalist Vladimir Paral are said to have invented the dog sport. Several dog trekking races take place annually, especially in the countries mentioned. There is also a Europe-wide competition.

The events are about running a distance of at least 80 kilometers with the dog. The route is often divided into checkpoints that the dog and owner must reach. You can use the map or directions to get there. In dog sports, the focus is always on being together and sharing experiences, even if it is advertised as a competition. The rules can differ from event to event, for example with regard to the permitted equipment. It is best to find out exactly what the conditions of participation are before participating.

Tips for the right dog trekking equipment

Dog trekking, i.e. long-distance hiking with the dog, is used here in Germany as a sport and leisure activity ...

Dog trekking as a leisure activity with your four-legged partner

If you want to experience long-distance dog walking without a sporting competition, you can of course choose your own routes. The shared experience not only strengthens the bond between dog and human, but also offers a natural adventure side by side with the four-legged partner. It is important that you have the right dog trekking equipment with you. This consists primarily of a special pull strap for the dog, which is attached to a running strap for humans - so you have your hands free and can use trekking poles, for example.

Many Dogtrekkers promise that long-distance hiking together will not let you go. The experience of nature is also an absolute highlight for the dog, provided he has a certain level of fitness and is motivated to go on long tours.

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