Get rid of dog smell in the apartment

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Depending on the breed, the dog smell can be more or less intense. But every four-legged friend leaves a certain "scent trail". Especially when his fur has got wet, your darling can smell a little more harsh and distribute this smell in your apartment. This dog needs a nice bath - Shutterstock / Richard Chaff

Most dog owners get used to the smell of dogs in their home over time. Nevertheless, it can be uncomfortable when guests are visiting or when the four-legged friend has treated himself to an extensive mud bath while walking. Getting rid of the dog's smell is quite time-consuming, but luckily it can be avoided afterwards that it becomes so intense again.

Large house cleaning against dog smell

Nothing helps: once the smell of dog has settled in your apartment, you have to wash all covers, carpets, blankets and clothing that came into contact with your dog. You can put your clothes in the washing machine as usual and also use a hygiene rinser. This kills the bacteria that the dog has spread on the laundry and that cause the unpleasant dog smell.

You can put delicate things like coats or woolen blankets in the cleaning. Carpets and sofa covers can be cleaned with special shampoos or cleaning agents after you have carefully vacuumed and tapped them. If you don't dare to do that, there are also special cleaning services for this.

Washing dogs: how much hygiene is required?

So that dogs and their owners feel good, it may be necessary from time to time, your four-legged friend ...

Prevent dog smell in the apartment

The dog smell is particularly intense with wet fur. This is because the dog's skin is a little oily so that a protective film can form on the skin. This oily liquid is partly water-soluble, so that more fragrance particles are released when wet. After a walk in the rain or a swim in a lake, you can gently dry your four-legged friend with a soft towel before being allowed into the apartment. Then his fur no longer smells so strongly.

In addition, assign your darling certain places in the house where they can lie, and cover them with towels or blankets. These are easier to clean than sofa cushions and carpets. Regular grooming also ensures that your dog smells better. If he has wallowed in the mud particularly joyfully, there is nothing wrong with a nice bath with dog shampoo.

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