Hematuria - Is your dog or cat urinating blood?

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Treated by specialists as hematuria, the blood in the urine of dogs and cats must receive attention from pet owners, as it is a symptom that can indicate various abnormalities in the organism of the pet.

Although some causes of hematuria are considerably simple to treat, this should not be a reason to postpone an appointment with the veterinarian, as blood in the urine can also mean more serious problems that require treatment as soon as possible.

What could be causing blood in my pet's urine?

As we have already said, the hematuria in dogs and cats it can be due to several complications, from the simplest to the most complex, and the veterinarian is responsible for detecting the cause and choosing the best form of treatment. See, below, the most possible causes of blood in your pet's urine:

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  • Cystitis : infectious or inflammatory.
  • Poisoning: the ingestion of toxic substances to animals is quite frequent and can cause, among several other complications (which can even cause the pet to die), blood in the pee. Click here and see a list of some chemicals that should be kept away from your pet;
  • Tumors: dogs and cats can present blood in the urine as a sign of tumors, whether benign or malignant, in addition to difficulty urinating and pain in the abdominal region;
  • Urinary stones: the well-known “stones”, in addition to affecting us humans, can also cause disturbances to the well-being of our canine or feline pets. Peeing with blood, severe pain and difficulty in urinating may be signs that your pet has a urinary stone in his kidneys or in his bladder;
  • Run over: certainly your dog or cat cannot miss a visit to the vet if he is run over, falls over or even participates in a fight. These occurrences, in addition to sprains and fractures, can also cause trauma to the internal organs, and hematuria is one of the signs of these types of trauma;
  • Parasites: The dioctiophyme renalle it can lodge in the urinary tract of your puppy or kitten and, among other disorders, cause blood in the urine.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease - DTUIF

If you have one at home cat urinating blood, one of the possible causes is DTUIF, which is responsible for making the pussy's organism no longer dissolve the minerals present in its urinary tract, causing an accumulation of these minerals.

When left untreated, DTUIF can cause stones (the stones we mentioned earlier) and obstruct the flow of urine, being relatively more common in male cats and can lead to death. Controlling your cat's diet is a good alternative to avoid this problem, in addition, of course, to regular consultations with your veterinarian.

Females' heat can also cause blood in the urine, right?

It is important, here, to emphasize that only bitches have blood during heat, and the cats have a heat without visible physical changes (yes, the heat of the cats is not accompanied by blood!).

If your dog is in heat, it is possible, in fact, that the blood of heat will mix with the pee when she is going to urinate, but be aware if this blood continues to appear even after the end of heat.

Other signs that can arise with hematuria

Pain or difficulty passing urine, excessive effort to get out just a few drops of urine may also appear accompanied by bloody urine. If your pet is licking its own genitals a lot or showing discomfort in these regions (and in the abdominal regions too), it is possible that there is, yes, some problem happening. Remember that these symptoms, as we already mentioned, can be signs of a series of complications and that it is only up to a veterinarian to diagnose and treat your buddy in the best possible way.

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