9 Fresh Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Paws Clean

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Your dog’s paws have places to go – that’s why you need to take diligent care of them. Help him put his best foot forward with these easy paw care tips.

Think about the dirty surfaces your dog’s feet come into contact with throughout the day. Carpet, tile, wood, cement, grass, dirt, mud, snow, water, urine, feces and more – Fido walks on all of them.

Beyond the gross factor of icky sticking to those paws, these surfaces have an impact on his tender tootsies. The pads of your dog’s feet provide cushioning that protects joints and bones from shock. In addition, the pads provide protection for the deep tissue within the paw and insulation against extreme weather. Keep your dog’s paws in immaculate condition with these useful tips:

  1. Trim Hair: Hair grows on feet and in between paw pads. If left unkempt, hair can matt and cause damage to your dog’s paws. The excessive hair can also pick up debris and dirt, which can lead to infection. Trim paw hair on a regular basis to avoid problems. As a general rule, paw hair should be trimmed evenly with the pads.

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  1. Use Wipes: There are plenty of wipes available to choose from that are used specifically for dogs. They resemble baby wipes and are easy to use. Keep a pack near your front and back door for convenience. As your dog enters your home from the outdoors stop for a moment and wipe off his paws. You’ll be surprised as you notice the foul things that come off your dog’s paws in just one outing.
  2. Keep Nails Trimmed: Click-clack – this familiar sound comes in handy when you need to know where your dog is, but it’s also a sign that his nails are too long. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed or filed to a comfortable length.
  3. Clean Between the Pads: Imagine if you walked barefoot everywhere you went… you’d be shocked at all the things that collect in between your toes. Your dog experiences this on a regular basis. Make a habit of cleaning between your dog’s toes and checking for debris, dirt, pebbles, small particles and other items that can get lodged.

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  1. Use Doggie Boots: Watching a dog walk in doggie boots for the first time can be amusing, but these cute little boots actually are beneficial in keeping your dog’s paws protected from the elements and sharp objects.
  2. Moisturize the Pads: Due to the excessive exposure to a variety of elements, your dog’s paws can become dry and cracked. Use a quality canine moisturizer or balm specifically made to protect dog pads.
  3. Apply First Aid: Your dog can accidentally step on sharp objects that can cause cuts, wounds, and blood loss. Take action quickly by applying first aid to the wound with antibacterial wash and a light bandage. If the cut is larger than half an inch in diameter, you should visit the veterinarian for treatment.
  4. Wash with Warm Water: You can make washing your dog’s paws with warm water a habit all year long. This is especially useful when your dog has been in the snow. Salt and toxic chemicals from ice melters can get lodged in between the foot pads and lead to blistering, sores and infection. Giving your dog’s paws a quick warm water rinse will help remove the chemicals.
  5. Use a Doormat: This solution to keeping your dog’s paws clean is the easiest. Place a door mat in place at all doors leading outside. You’ll want to encourage your dog to step on the mat and possibly walk on it a bit to remove debris and dirt from his or her paws.

Best Products for Cleaning Dog Paws

With the right supplies, keeping your pooch’s jelly beans will be the easiest task in the world. From cleaning to nourishing, these paw products will make sure your pet has spotless feet!

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Easy to use and very convenient, this handy gadget needs only a bit of warm water to thoroughly clean your pet’s paws. The silicone bristles inside the MudBuster gentle remove dirt and debris in seconds: all you have to do is pour water in, put your pet’s paw inside and twist- voila! When you’re done, just rinse and leave ready for the next use. Perfect for those walks after the rain and outdoor adventures!

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Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

Pet cleaning wipes are one of the most practical dog grooming products around- they are easy to store and keep on hand, they are easy to use, and even the most timid and finicky dogs don’t mind being wiped down (and almost every pooch will prefer wipes over bath). Hypoallergenic and safe for pets, these wipes are ideal not just for cleaning paws but for the rest of your pet’s body, too. Just one of these large quilted wipes will be enough to completely clean your doggo’s jelly beans, so you can say that a little goes a long way with Pogo’s wipes.

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Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter

Keeping your pet’s paw pads soft and moisturized is not always easy, especially if they have sensitive paws. However, by relying on natural ingredients, this paw butter can nourish and relieve dry and cracked paws in no time. The combination of shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamin E and F, coconut oil, and aloe vera is completely safe for your pet and extremely effective, even on extremely dry paws.

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PawZ Color Dog Boots

What better way to keep the dirt away from your pet’s paws than putting on some dog booties? These disposable (or reusable, the choice is yours) rubber boots are inexpensive, practical, and easy to put on- but most importantly, they are a perfect way to ensure no road salt, dirt, or debris can touch your pet’s jelly beans. Waterproof and all-season appropriate, these dog booties come in sizes from extra small to extra large.

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PETRIBE Dog Paw Cleaner

With a paw brush built-in, this paw cleaning shampoo allows you to scrub away any dirt and nastiness on the spot- without having to rinse it off afterward. The formula of this waterless paw shampoo includes non-toxic, all natural, and gentle ingredients that are safe for your pet, but yet powerful enough to remove mud and dirt and deodorize the paws.

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