Study reveals that dogs and cats see ultraviolet lights

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While many are frightened to notice their pets looking intently at empty spaces, this type of behavior seems to have a very simple explanation, since a new study has just discovered the ability of dogs and cats to see ultraviolet lights.

Conducted by scientists at City University London, the research reveals something never before imagined, and which proves the high reach on the part of dogs and cats to see nuances that cannot be noticed by human beings.

Although this discovery may seem somewhat contradictory to those who have spent their lives believing that dogs see in black and white, and that cats do not see a range of colors; the study proved the ability of dogs and cats to see the myriad combinations of ultraviolet lights - with animals such as the porcupine and ferret also appearing to have the same type of vision.

According to the study, the process that occurs for animals to see in this way is the same as that of humans: where the light that reaches the retina turns into brain stimulus, processing the information seen.

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However, what differentiates people from dogs and cats in this respect is the way in which light passes through the eye lenses; and this was discovered through a battery of tests where the animals' eyes (donated by veterinary and zoological clinics) were exposed to ultraviolet light, revealing the absorption capacity of this type of stimulus - which does not exist in humans.

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