Corgi Trinket on the stairs: "Very careful!"

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The cute Corgi puppy Trinket faces a big task in this video: he should run down the stairs. But how does it work? The dog carefully inspects the steps. After all, every little clumsy step has to be well thought out.

You might think that Corgid Lady Trinket would have to go down 100 steps, but in truth there are only two. Somewhat unsettled, she stands on the stairs and actually only wants to go to her owner. This encourages the little puppies to come to her. Gaaanz slowly runs to the edge of the stairs, stretches her head forward and whoops, she has mastered the first step. "It wasn't that difficult! I can do it a second time!" Thinks the doggie. Zack, she has achieved her goal. Bravo, cute four-legged friend!

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