Scientists find out that cats understand their name

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Domestic cats seem to be able to respond to facial expressions and distinguish human voices. But are cats able to recognize their own names? Yes, if it is up to scientists. Cats understand their name - but whether they hear is another question - Image: Shutterstock / Lena9208

According to a Japanese research team, domestic cats are able to separate different sounds or voices. But that's not all: the scientists also found that cats recognize their own name.

In their study, the Japanese research team played 78 different Japanese words that sounded similar to the names of the cats. After a while, the cats lost interest in the words. But as soon as their own name was played, the cats showed a reaction. They turned their heads or moved their ears.

It was surprising that this also happened when a stranger called the cat's name. It is thus refuted that the cat only reacts to the voice of the owner or mistress. So cats jump on their name, no matter who says it. But whether they obey, is another question.

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