Hello! Koala baby shows up to the world

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Whoops, who suddenly shows himself to the world in this video? The little koala baby named Thunder has finally slipped out of his mom's protective pouch and now wants to explore his habitat in the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. For now, that means holding on to your mother and letting yourself be carried around. So the cute animal can first let all impressions take effect.

Sweet Koala looks into the camera and probably fills every animal lover's heart with warmth and joy. While his mom nibbles a little on the eucalyptus leaves, the baby snuggles up to its protector's fluffy fur. Then it gets a little shaky: The animal lady balances herself and her child on a branch to the next shrub, whereby the little grin has to make a great effort not to lose hold on his mother's fur. But Thunder doesn't have to be afraid, after all, his mom takes very good care of him. Sooooo cute and to love!

You can watch Thunder's first, somewhat shy attempt to look out of the bag here:

Baby koalas enjoy life

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