Burmilla cat for sale

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Burmilla cat for sale

I have a Burmilla cat female. The cat is in good health. She is pure black and her name is Chica. The cat is very happy, playful, social. She likes to be active at the same time! The cat is spayed.

She is about 4 years old.

She needs a good home. She has come to live with me, with my family.

Please do not contact me if you are interested in this cat, I have lots of cats in my house.

This is a sweetheart, playful, friendly cat who likes to be active. She likes to chase her prey (like you) and she likes to play. I have a 1-year-old kitten who was brought by a friend, that the kitten got stuck on a ladder in my apartment. The friend called me, and I immediately brought my cat with me to go out to search for the kitten. The kitten was found immediately, and the kitten, called "Chico", has been living with us ever since. He is always in good health, playful, likes to be active, and he likes to have a lot of attention from everyone. He also likes to be chased by everybody and he loves to climb, so he often uses the ladder as a ladder. I have a little house for him with a heater, so he can always come inside in the cold weather.

He needs a home with an active person, a person who likes to be chased, be active, and be a kitten. He is about 7 months old, and he weighs about 7-8 pounds.

This kitty is very gentle and easy to care for, although he does enjoy chasing mice and rats. He also likes to play and he enjoys being a kitten. He is an only cat, and he is very precious. I am asking $125 for this little cat.

I think that for the price I am asking for him, he will be a good cat for any family. I don't have any pedigree papers for him, but my friend says that he is a Persian who was rescued from a fire and then sent to live with his sister (so my friend says). I don't know much about him except that he is very sweet, and I think he needs to be loved and cared for, and if that means having an active and playful person who will chase him, he will love it. I don't know why anyone would want to take this kitten, but I have already said that I will take the kitten, and I would love to find him a good home. He is a great loving kitty, and a very sweet and affectionate cat. I would really appreciate any help with finding him a good home. Thank you.

Thanks for reading my description, I will send photos if someone wants to meet him.

This is the picture of the kitten I have. This is the same kitten that was rescued from a fire. I don't know the actual breed of the kitten, because I don't know what is his true breed, but it is hard to tell, so I will say that he is a Persian. This is the same kitten I had with me when I was trying to find homes for him. I have him in a cage so that he does not get outside his cage and get in trouble. This is the same kitten I had in this cage. This kitten came to me two months ago and I have been feeding him and giving him care. I believe that he is approximately five months old, and he is a great, loving, friendly, playful, fun, sweet, loving, affectionate kitty. He likes to be with me and be around me and he loves to play, and he plays with other cats, and he loves to chase mice and rats. I have said that he is a great loving cat, because he is. I have done research on kittens before, and when I found out about his characteristics, I knew that he was a good cat for a family. He likes to be around people, and he does not mind being around other cats. He likes to be fed, but he has such a great personality and such a sweet nature, that he doesn't mind a lot of attention. I do believe that he would adapt well to the family that adopts him. I just want to be able to get him a good home, and to be able to continue to care for him. I appreciate any information that would help me find a home for him.

Here is the picture of him that I have that is of the same kitten. I have put all of the photos that I have of him.

I have more pictures of him, but I am not sure what to put. I don't know what is best, but I

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