"Look!": Mini cat wants attention

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"Cuckoo, down here, look at me! Hello?" The golden mini-fur nose Paris tries in this video to draw the attention of cat toffee. With a sweet look, she looks up at the big kitty who has made herself comfortable on a padded chair. But instead of paying attention to the baby velvet paw, Toffee prefers to relax and look around the area. But the kitten doesn't get discouraged so quickly and tries to get attention in another way.

Cheeky and self-confident, the young Stubentiger snatches the cuddly soft tail of his big companion. Again and again the kitten reaches for it with its tender paws. But that doesn't get the adult kitty upset either. "Hmm, then I'll just go for a walk through the apartment!" Says the little fleece ball and pulls away. Sweet to look at!

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